Sweet Lovin’ Music ( Buy Now! )

Daniel Antopolskly, Sweet Lovin' Music Album

Daniel’s debut album produced by Grammy Nominee Gary Gold and co-produced by Grammy Nominee, John Capek, featuring many of Nashville’s top talent. Recorded in Nashville in 2013. 11 songs.

Track List:

1. Boo Hoo Hoo
2. Chickens
3. Daddy Liked Livin’ in a Frontier Town
4. Eggs in the Basket
5. Fish Bait Blues
6. If I Would’ve Known
7. Queen Anne’s Lace
8. Slick Slidin’ Board
9. The Phantom of the Opry
10. The States
11. Sweet Lovin’ Music


Steve Mackie : Bass
Jason Roller : Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Fiddle
Andrea Zonn : Violin and Vocals
David Steele : Electric Guitars
John Capek : Piano
Jason Eskridge : Backround vocals
Jerard Woods : Backround vocals
Will Barrow : Accordian
Neil Konouchi : Tuba
Chris West : Tenor Saxophone
Oscar Utterstrom : Trombone
Jon-Paul Frappier : Trumpet
Charles Treadway : Hammond Organ
Pat Bergeson : Harmonica
Kyle Hershman : Assistant Engineer
Gary Gold : Drums, Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals

Produced by Gary Gold
Co-Produced by John Capek
Executive Producer: Jason Ressler
Recorded at NYN Studios, Nashville 

Album cover by Florent Fourniau.