South by South West, SWSW

Daniel Antopolsky (AKA “The Sheriff of Mars” or just “Sheriff” for short) has been making songs for 40 years without ever recording them until age 65. He’s the missing piece of the Outlaw Country music era he shared with his friend Townes Van Zandt and is also part blues, folk, rock – influenced by gospel and the synagogue – that all blends into a uniquely Optimistic Americana that comes from the Sheriff’s love of nature and belief in the goodness of people that he holds to despite having experienced the darkest sides of life. Plus the Sheriff is wild and funny and all heart. He lives on a farm near Bordeaux, France and his first album is called “Sweet Lovin’ Music”. And, yes, he’s the guy whose name no one knew from the famous photo on Guy and Susanna Clark’s porch with Townes. (read more on

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