“The Sheriff of Mars” explores the life of Daniel Antopolsky, a 65 year old from Augusta, Georgia, who gave up the opportunity to become a Country & Folk singer in order to escape the craziness of the 1970s Outlaw Country Music scene. Having been on a tumultuous journey, he’s never stopped writing songs. And at an age when most people are retiring, he’s recorded his first album with two of Nashville’s Grammy nominated producers and some of the best musicians in the world.

But it hasn’t been easy.

“The Sheriff of Mars” will follow Daniel’s turbulent life as a Jewish boy from the Deep South, to touring and playing in his early 20s with the legendary Townes Van Zandt, then retreating to South East Asia until he found a “conventional” life with a wife and twin daughters on a farm near Bordeaux, France.

400 songs and 40 years later, “The Sheriff of Mars” will explore sex, drugs, religion, the wild life, loss and redemption, dreams and hopes, the soul of Country Music, and the importance of chickens and tractors.

Why “The Sheriff of Mars?” – What are these Drawings all About?
The Sheriff of Mars is a character Daniel’s been drawing from kindergarten until today: a Sheriff who came down from Mars to Earth with the express mission of making everyone happy. The lines between the Sheriff and Daniel are blurred by Daniel’s own infectious happiness, good will, and hopes of bringing joy to all around him both through his actions and his music.
After many years – in February of 1975 – Daniel wrote a song dedicated to the Sheriff, called ‘The Sheriff of Mars’ and the filmmakers, Matthew Woolf & Jason Ressler (who also happens to be the Sheriff’s Manager) realized that Daniel is The Sheriff of Mars – though he denies it. Sort of. So it seemed obvious to the filmmakers to name the movie after one of them.

Some Lyrics
I am the friendly and the funky sheriff sent from Mars.
My six-guns are candy canes and tiny dream guitars.
I pay a visit to the planet Earth to check out the people scene.
There’s so much love in the Universe in every sunshine beam .
We can visit my family on Mars. Just a honey milk away.
Where all the angels living there adore the way you play with you mirth and music, and nature walks and sharing what you have.
I’ve come to celebrate with you and climb the magic stairs.
From many different homes you come and many distant lands.
And I see you yearn the golden way together singing hand in hand.
La La La La La.